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Publication Release and Statement of Authenticity
Future Problem Solving International Catalog
Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc.
Future Problem Solving Standards
The Problem Solving Experience Curriculum


TIPPS. - Terrific Ideas of Practices and Procedures for Success in FPSPI is a terrific resource for coaches to integrate the FPS Process into classroom activities...  Item # FPS04  available from FPSPI.
Coach's Handbook - Item #FPS01 - an invaluable tool for new coaches and new participants is available from FPSPI.
Student Guide Workbook - For use with Coach's Handbook.
Readings, Research and Resources (RR & R)-Item # FPS2018 (book) or #FPS18RRE (electronic version) - Summary of articles which look at the topics from various viewpoints. Includes questions for discussion, terms, definitions, and a list of resources.
Problem Solving Process Pointers for Students - Item #FPS119 - Handbook providing more comprehensive examples and practice for FPS students of all ages.
Tools for Problem Solvers - Item #FPS02 or #FPS02E (electronic version) - Creative problem solving tools specifically designed for three FPS components (Global Issues Problem Solving, CmPS, Scenario Writing).
Individual Topic Resources can be ordered.

Check out these DVDs available from FPSPI - $15 each:

FPSPI Six-Step Process - Item # FPS155
Presentation of Action Plan Coaching Techniques - Item # FPSPAP
CmPS Promotional - Item # FPS154

Visit FPSPIMart online at for all materials.